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Water Water Everywhere

I'm drawn to water. But it's quite hard to draw, as it's often moving. I love the expertly drawn water swirls of Japanese woodblock art prints. The artists had a very wide vocabulary of lines and curls that make picture perfection. Here are a few original art prints that I admire.

I love this art print of the sea. It grew on me. I like the white waves. Buy it here: Sea & Rocks Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Petals floating on a river art print. I like the mellow, washed along vibes, the fine wavy lines, the silver, the green against the grey. Find it here: Water Petals Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Buy this underwater fish-eye-view art print here: Blue Flower Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

I didn't immediately get this art print. I thought the black marred the brilliant blue. But then I looked at it more and realised what the black was. It's a fish-eye-view of the flower from underwater and the black is the edge of the water. And once I realised, I admire the cleverness and original thinking of this art print design.

I like the fine, lively yellow, red and white lines of this rocky island art print. Buy it here: Water & Rocks Woodblock Print | yellow green blue




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