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If Abstract Art Is Like A Sound, These Abstract Art Prints Are Like Rock 'n Roll

Ever since I encountered the idea of art being like a musical composition or sound via Wassily Kandinsky and then Henri Matisse's 'Jazz' collages, I have been intrigued by the idea of art depicting sound. I saw a Wassily Kandinsky exhibition of his huge paintings once whilst travelling in Europe. I forget where I was, but I don't forget those amazing huge paintings. Kandinsky lived 'til 1944 so he must have listened to classical and jazz music to influence his art compositions. But, what artworks would Kandinsky have created if he had heard 1960s rock 'n roll music?

I've been listening to 1960s music lately. Partly for music education - finally a way for me to very belatedly teach myself about music, that buying expensive CDs you didn't know you liked or existed or didn't like all the songs to precluded. (The wonderful Spotify!) And partly because I just like rock 'n roll music. The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, a bit of The Beatles. I listen to their albums right from the beginning and pick out the songs that I like, so as not to miss any good ones (in my humble ear-opinion). I say 'a bit of the Beatles', because I'm staggering the immense listen-to load.

These abstract art prints are reminiscent to me of the swinging 60s, when The Beatles started twisting 'The Twist' and making abstract music... which I haven't actually got around to listening to yet... done Check Berry, still on the earlier Beatles albums. Ditto The Beach Boys. What would Wassily Kandinsky have made of abstracted music?

Find this beautiful blue swirl abstract print here: Abstract Blue Woodblock Print | yellow green blue - would any of The Beatles, The Beach Boys or Chuck Berry have liked this art print? I do.

Here is another mind-bending art print, that reminds me of The Beatles' music. It also makes me think 'que?' (I'm learning Spanish). It was actually made 70 years before The Beatles 1960s 'twisting The Twist' phase.

Find this abstract art print here: Abstract Blue Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Here are a few more abstract swirl art prints that make me think of 1960s music - The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

Find this green swirl art print here: Abstract Sea Wave Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Look here for this silver and green abstract art print: Water Swirls Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Look here for this blue swirl patterned art print: Swirl Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Find this black abstract art print here: Silver Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Look for this blue abstract art print here: Japanese Woodblock Print Of Water | yellow green blue

Find this green, brown and red abstract art print here: Green Water Rippled Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Type in 'swirl' in the search box of the gallery to find these types of abstract art prints. I like them. John Lennon, George Harrison would you have? Wassily Kandinsky what art prints would you have created if you had listened to the sounds of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and 1960s rock 'n roll music? I would have loved to have seen those masterpieces too.




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