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Is This The Best Original Art Print Of Spring Ever?

My spring bulbs are out, i've seen a few friendly bees, even one wasp flew into my lounge (and straight back out again, phew), some butterflies, five gamboling lambs and lots of nodding daffodils... so what colour do i equate to the season of spring? Mellow yellow of course, the colour of cheer. Ok, so a lot of my spring bulbs are purple, blueish, pink and red... and it's England, so there's a lot of grey sky... but i do have a lot of daffodils. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. And this butterfly print encapsulates the joy feeling of spring - flowers, warmer weather and not so much grey and rain. Ok, err... yes, i live in England.

(Above: Japanese woodblock print of yellow butterflies 11.8 x 15.3 cms - find it here: Butterfly Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue). I love it.

And do spring flowers say 'rah' like a snap-dragon or have a staring competition with you like a coneflower or say 'i'm taller than you, ha-ha', like a sunflower... no, they smile sweetly and say 'ahhh... spring'. Check this flower print out below. Smiling sweetly, see.

(Above: Find this botanical art print here: Flowers Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue)

Tree blossom. Suddenly the trees wake up and say 'hello, remember me?' in such a superb way, that it makes you smile back and think 'hello! Yes i do!' right back. (Though not actually out loud, as that would be slightly mad).

Here is a beautiful blossom Japanese woodblock art print, and it is kind of waving and saying 'hello' in a melty, slightly mad, but very pretty all the same way...

Find this silver-petalled blossom tree art print here: Abstract Blossom Tree Woodblock Print | yellow green blue



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