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Magic Eye Art Prints - Eye-Dazzling Abstract Art Prints

Behind the burnt sienna, green and white criss-cross pattern is a simple charcoal grey tree branch design. In front of these tree branches is an almost impenetrable diagonal parquet floor-like pattern that takes your eye on an abstract holiday across an imaginary ground. Buy this visual puzzle art print for your walls and see where the pattern takes you: Abstract Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

I love this art print for its colours - mint green, jade and dusky turquoise, which are some of my favourite tones and its feather-like details. It's got a really intricately patterned square design, that makes stepping stones for your eyes. Your gaze jumps from square to square around the paper and finally settles on a white square for a rest. Buy this very striking and superbly eye-catching art print here: Squares Abstract Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This abstract art print has a hexagon patterned background that makes your eyes swim. And when you stare at it for long enough you can see larger hexagons made from the radius of each small hexagon in this beehive pattern. The gold ink on the tri-flowered plants in the foreground are like visual floats. Your eyes grab onto them for respite and then can't resist diving back in for a swim in the shifting honey. Find this magic eye art print here for a taste of honey in your room: Japanese Woodblock Print Of Flowers | yellow green blue

This art print has a free-wheeling design that spins off the paper. I like the blue petal motif. Buy this abstract green, blue and brown geometric artwork here: Geometric Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This abstract art print has only four ink colours, and dark toned ones at that - black, brown, maroon and dark green, and yet it's a very complex image for your eyes to digest, with several courses to chew over. The black and white sections bring the flower design towards you and the green and maroon sections push the petals to the background. Likewise for the circles and squares - some move to the foreground and others shift to the back. It's like a queue of shapes with each segment of the design trying to be first in line. Buy this magic eye art print and own (possibly) the most interesting brown art print in the world: Chrysanthemum Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This art print is of a flock of origami paper birds. Four of the birds are flying straight at you, two are flying right and two are going left. It's a very intriguing composition. When you look closely, the triangle peak at the bottom of the birds turning left and right makes it look like they are swimming in a dark green water background. And the five birds facing you appear to be flying through a green sky. Buy this surreal art print here and enjoy its birdy brilliance: Origami Bird Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue




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