It's Raining Jazz - Art Prints That Exude The Same Viv As Jazz Music

This is definitely an art print that says 'look at me'. And you look. It's as lively as a trumpet blare and reminds me of what I imagine a 1930s jazz club might have been like, if the sounds, dancing and energy were captured in art form. Sit back in a chair and let this art print do all the dancing and music-making for you. Brighten your room with this jazzy art print and buy it here: Abstract Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This abstract purple art print is like it's raining jazz at night. You can make out the jade green shapes of leaves and the burnt umber branches, but your eye is drawn most to the vertical wavy lines printed in white, yellow, brown and red ink. I would like to see this rain shower. It seems pretty magical to me. Buy this jazz after dark art print here: Purple Abstract Woodblock Print | yellow green blue