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If Abstract Art Is Like A Musical Composition - Is This Art Print Like A Freddie Mercury Song?

I like the idea of abstract art being like a musical composition, as Wassily Kandinsky explored in his artwork and later Henri Matisse in his 'Jazz' collages. I also like Freddie Mercury's voice. He's one of my favourites. And so when I tried to think of which musician's sound would best fit this original abstract art print (below), Freddie Mercury immediately 'flashed' into my mind. It's because it's jazzy, playful and chaotic, but at the same time its composition is organised, perfectly balanced and very clever. It has silver ink for pizzazz, vitality and glamour and also dark colours, points and jaunty angles that gives this abstract art print a masculine, expressive quality. I like this original abstract art print very much. Freddie Mercury would you have? It reminds me of your sound.

Find this wonderful abstract art print here: Linear Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue


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