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Delightful Dewdrop Art Prints

Dew Drop Grasses Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This woodblock print of grasses with dewdrops, with a fine, delicate, linear and circular pattern is amazing. The cool colour tones and silver dashed lines really capture the cool temperature of morning dew perfectly. And the upward, curved lines are positive, potent and magical. I love this abstract Japanese woodblock print for its inventive, unique, multiple shades of green design.

Butterflies Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

The dark colours of this dewdrop butterfly art print and the fine, dark green grid captures the limited visibility and low light of dawn. The circular pattern of the dew drops is the lightest part of the woodblock print design and it conveys the delicacy and transparency of the morning dewdrops. Not many animals can be more fragile than a butterfly, but here the delicacy of the dewdrops outshines them and wins the attention of your eye. I like the unusualness of this butterfly dewdrop art print.


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