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Dark Art Prints To Light Up A Room

Five deer running across the page. Diamonds, stripes and curves. Simple elements used in a complex way to make a really lively, striking wildlife art print. There's a great vivacity in this deer art print. It's very unusual, with heavy, dark tones - brown, black, caramel, vermillion red and khaki coloured ink - but the running deer make this a light-footed, lively and energetic picture to look at. I like it. Buy it here: Japanese Woodblock Print Of Deer | yellow green blue

Brown, black, navy blue, ochre, maroon, white, burnt umber and silver are the ink colours that make up this botanical art print. They are dark colours, but this is a very lively patterned art print. Your eye follows the blue diamond lines and then darts left and right off the page tracing the lines of the tree branches. Is it snowing outside and is the artist looking through a criss-cross window? Is the wind blowing the branches? There's a lot going on in this art print and its dark colour scheme works to quieten the lively lines. I like this art print. It's both warm and cold. Very interesting to look at. Find this art print here: Botanical Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

I love the contrast of the delicate, shiny silver fern leaves against the vertical, wavy-shaped mid-brown, burnt umber and dusky blue rockface. This art print is both heavy and light, just as rocks and plants differ. It's a clever mix. Buy this fern leaves and rockface art print here: Bracken Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This patio plant patterned art print is made up of really dark colour tones - brown, dark grey, pine green and ochre - but what brings it lightness is the silver ink, which makes it a very striking image to look at. Find this lively, garden art print here: Leaves Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Mellow, warm and easy on the eye. This pale brown botanical art print is enlivened by the Prussian blue and vermillion red highlights. I like its calmness. Buy this pale brown art print here: Abstract Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This grey fish shoal art print with dark blue fish-shaped shadows is made terrific by the criss-crossed, wavy silver lines that represent the water currents. The silver ink shines in the light beautifully and gives the print a lightness that is a perfect rendering of water. The dual line of white fish is a great contrast to the grey and makes the image picture perfect. I admire this fish art print a lot. Buy this fish & seawater art print here: Fish Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue




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