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Come Fly With Me - Art Prints With Birds & Butterflies

This is one of my most favourite art prints. I love the flying swallow shapes. They remind me of Henri Matisse's (1869 - 1954) cut-out collages and Georges Braque's (1882-1963) bird pictures - two of my top five artists. Most people would not be able to decorate their walls with one of those masterpieces. Bless your walls with this bird art print instead. To me, it's a lesser known, but equally good masterpiece. Fly off with it here: Birds Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This is a butterfly and hydrangea flower art print made with dark colours - brown, grey-green, black and white. The butterflies are coloured with the green-grey background colour and so appear see-through at first, yet you cannot see the flowers through their wings. It's a pretty as a picture design, with grown-up colours. Enjoy it in your house here: Japanese Woodblock Print Of Butterflies | yellow green blue

Where do birds fly to when they fly in formations? I always think they're off to Africa for their summer holidays. The colours, natural design and simplicity of this art print reminds me of Africa too. Buy this art print and fly off with them: Japanese Woodblock Print Of Birds | yellow green blue



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