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Can An Art Print Of A Flower Be As Beautiful As A Real Flower?

It's spikey and bare (for a plant) - no beautiful petals to look at... and yet, this art print is beautiful still, and for me, it's the colours that make it beautiful - the yellow and green and pale lime. I like this art print a lot. Buy it here: Poppy Seeds Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

A flower art print that says 'hello' like real flowers do. I love the terracotta, yellow and jade colours and the gentle curl of the leaves. Buy it here: Burnt Sienna Flower Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Garden flowers love the sun. What do they think of the moon? I like this moon-gazing, black and white art print. Find it here: Night Flowers Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

Silver petals. Yellow. Black. Sage. Can real flowers dance like this art print? Own this art print: Leaves & Flowers Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

It's the purple and yellow for me. I love this grasses blown in the wind art print. Make this handmade art print yours: Abstract Grasses Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

So can botanical art prints be as beautiful as real flowers? Yes, just in a different way. They can both bend and curve and seem to blow and dance in the wind. They can glow in the moonlight and be spikey are bare. They can be vivid. They can be printed on fine paper and be delicate to touch. They can't be alive and soft like real flowers, but they are alive with colour in a different way that is equally visually wonderful.



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