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Alight Here For the Circle Line - Art Prints With Circular Patterned Designs

This geometric art print is like a repetitive 'Circle Line' loop. The black intersection is the station to alight. I like the colours of this patterned art print. Buy it here: Abstract Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This geometric patterned art print is a busy visual feast. The three circles take centre stage and the stripes of diamonds are the supporting act. Buy this lively, circular patterned art print here: Abstract Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

This is one of my favourite patterned art prints. I'm a sucker for blue. But I also love the silver diamonds, the use of the white of the paper, the various colours of the circles and the interlinked circular design. If this were a station destination, I would definitely alight and take a look around. It's an image that has much energy and elegance, that reminds me of a capital city like London or Paris. Buy this beautiful art print here: Abstract Japanese Woodblock Print | yellow green blue

If ever there were an art print that epitomised The London Underground, this is it. The London Underground was opened on January 9th 1843 and designed by Sir Marc & Isambard Brunel. The history of The London Underground logo dates from 1908 and the logo was finalised between 1915-17. But this Japanese art print was designed prior to this, in the late 19th century, probably with the artist having no knowledge of The London Underground. But the similarity of the logo of The London Underground with this art print's design is striking. I love the colours and geometric shapes of this art print. The silver squares in the background adds an extra level of brilliance. And to me, its vibrancy epitomises the city of London too. Sir Marc & Isambard Brunel, would you have liked this art print? I do.

Buy it here: Abstract Geometric Woodblock Print | yellow green blue




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